HYSA Travel Training & Practice Schedule- Fall 2014
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2014 Fall Travel - Training & Practice Schedule
~ Training Times are in yellow / Practice times in blue (orange is for Rec teams) ~
Training & Practice is at the Hammonton High School- in the rear fields near the baseball fields (click here)
Time Field Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1A U10G -Newton U8B Massey     U12B - Champa
1B U14BW - Loder U9BB - Peeke      
2A   U11BB - Gollihur U12GB - Gruehn U11BB - Gollihur  
2B   U10B - Cappuccio U12B - Champa U10B Cappuccio  
3A U11/12 Venus & Mars U7/8 - Waddell U10G - Newton U7/8 Waddell  
3B       U7/8 Massey  
1A U12G-W-Catania U13B - Donovan U13G - Smith U13B-Donovan U14BW-Galletta
1B   U13G - Smith U12GW - Catania U12GB - Gruehn  
2A U9BW - Mull U10BW - LaRosa U9BW - Mull U14BW Galletta Rec training
2B     U14BW - Loder U11BW - LaRosa Rec training
3A   U7/8 Massey U9BB - Peeke    
3B       U8B - Massey  

2014 Spring Travel Training Schedule Info: Coaches/Trainers
Location Team Head Coach Trainer
High School

U14 Boys-Blue Paul Galletta JPS trainers
U14 Boys-White Bill Loder JPS trainers
U13 Boys Kami Donovan JPS trainers
U13 Girls Brian Smith JPS trainers
U12 Boys Chris Champa JPS trainers
U12 Girls-Blue Dave Gruehn JPS trainers
U12 Girls-White Franco Catania JPS trainers
U11 Boys-Blue Geoff Gollihur JPS trainers
U11 Boys-White Charles Larosa JPS trainers
U10 Boys Dave Cappuccio JPS trainers
U10 Girls Monica Newton JPS trainers
U9 Boys- Blue Matt Peeke JPS trainers
U9 Boys- White Matt Mull JPS trainers
U8 Boys Paul Massey JPS trainers


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