HYSA Travel Program 2015

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HYSA will be holding tryouts for all levels of their travel program which will play in the Fall 2015-Spring 2016 South Jersey Soccer League/South Jersey Girls Soccer League Season. Competing in the SJSL/SJGSL will offer your child a higher level of competition than he or she will see in our rec program. Additionally, the team will be trained weekly by a professionaltrainer in preparation for the 10 game Fall and 10 game Spring Season.

You can check out our web site or SJSL web site (www.sjsl.org) or SJGSL web site (www.sjgsl.org) for more information on league play.

Your child need only attend one try-out date to be considered for a roster spot. However, your child is encouraged to attend all try-out dates.
Please call or email either the listed coach or PaulMassey (856-366-0418)
paul@growserve.com with any questions.

2015 Fall Travel Tryout schedule- Boys

U15 Boys (coach Bill Loder)
Dates: 5/11/15 & 5/18/15 @ 5:30pm
Location/Field: HHS/ECEC
Contact: (609) 839-7909 wloder_1@yahoo.com
U14 Boys (coach Kami Donovan)
Dates: 5/13/15& 5/18/15 @ 5:30
Location/Field: HHS/ECEC
Contact: (609) 226-2983 kamidonovan@yahoo.com
U13 Boys (coach Chris Champa)
Dates: 5/27/15 @ 5:30pm
Location/Field: HHS/ECEC
Contact: (609) 287-3037 Chris.Champa@univers.biz
U12 Boys (coach Geoff Gollihur & coach Charles "Brother" LaRosa) Dates: 5/14/15 @ 5:30 pm & 5/19/15 @ 7:00pm
Location/Field: HHS/ECEC
Gollihur: (609) 287-4613 ggollihur@comcast.net
LaRosa: (609) 338-8784 broman@comcast.net
U11 Boys (coach Chris Barts)
Dates: 5/13 & 5/20 7-8:30pm
Location/Field: Linda Avenue
(609) 313-2505 cwbartscpa@gmail.com
U10 Boys (coach Matt Peeke & coach Matt Mull)
Dates: Peeke: 5/11/15 @ 6:00pm / Mull: 5/17/15 @ 5:00pm
Location/Field: Linda Avenue
Peeke: (609) 377-6823 mattpeeke@hotmail.com
Mull: (609) 742-9182 mmull6@comcast.net
U9 Boys (coach Paul Massey)
Dates: 5/16/15 @ 1:00pm; 5/19 & 5/21/15 @ 7:00pm
Location/Field: Linda Avenue
(856) 366-0418 paul@growserve.com
U8 Boys (coach Lou DeCicco)
Dates: 5/4 & 5/14/15 @ 6:00pm; 5/9/15 @ 10am
Location/Field: Linda Avenue
(609) 845-7909 ldecicco@comcast.net

2015 Fall Travel Tryout schedule- Girls

U14 Girls (coach Brian Smith)
Dates: TBD- Please Call Head Coach for Times
Location/Field: HHS/ECEC
(609) 458-8416 smitty7973@comcast.net
U13 Girls (coach Dave Gruehn & coach Franco Catania)
Dates: TBD- please contact the coaches below

Location/Field: HHS/ECEC
Gruehn: (215) 266-3566 dgruehn@comcast.net
Catania: (609) 364-1270 cataniaf517@yahoo.com
U11 Girls (coach U13 Girls)
Dates: 5/20 & 5/27/15 @ 5:30
Location/Field: Linda Avenue
(609) 703-5773 jimmymonc@comcast.net
U8 Girls (coach Teri Black)
Dates: TBD- Please Call Head Coach for Times
Location/Field: Linda Avenue
(609) 220-4021 teri_black@comcast.net

The 2015-2016 Season Age Definitions are as follows:

U15 8/1/2000-7/31/2001
U14 8/1/2001-7/31/2002
U13 8/1/2002-7/31/2003
U12 8/1/2003-7/31/2004
U11 8/1/2003-7/31/2004
U10 8/1/2005-7/31/2006
U9 8/1/2006-7/31/2007
U8 8/1/2007-7/31/2008
U7 8/1/2008-7/31/2009

2015 SpringBoys Teams & coaches
Team Head Coach (click for email) Phone
U15 Boys Chris Barts 609-313-2505
U14 Boys-Blue Paul Galletta 609-517-2548
U14 Boys-White Bill Loder 609-839-7909
U13 Boys Kami Donovan 609-226-2983
U12 Boys Chris Champa 609-287-3037
U11 Boys- Blue Geoff Gollihur 609-704-9916
U11 Boys- White Charles Larosa 609-338-8784
U10 Boys Chris Barts 609-313-2505
U9 Boys- Blue Matt Peeke 609-377-6823
U9 Boys- White Matt Mull  
U8 Boys Paul Massey 856-366-0418

2015 Spring Girls Teams & coaches
Team Head Coach Phone/email
U13 Girls Brian Smith 609-561-9584
U12 Girls-Blue Dave Gruehn 609-561-3443
U12 Girls-White Franco Catania 609-364-1270
U10 Girls Monica Newton  
Is your son or daughter interested in our Travel program?
Interested boys and girls can tryout for the appropriate-age teams (if there is space available):

Please contact the Boys or Girls Travel Rep below to get in contact with the proper coach:

------Boys travel:
Chris Barts (Boys Travel Director) at 609-313-2505

------Girls travel:
Paul Massey (Girls Travel Director) at 215-266-3566
or paul@growserve.com

Although HYSA strongly suggests your child try out for the appropriate age group for which he or she is eligible, exceptions may be made where younger children are allowed to move up to an older age group.

2014 Scholarships available

Rules, Regulations & Links
H.Y.S.A. Travel Soccer Rules & Regulations
South Jersey Girls Soccer Rules
South Jersey Youth Soccer Rules
Travel Team Age Division Chart for 2014-2015 season- NJYS link: Click here or here


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