About HYSA & Administration
Board Members & Elected Officials
Office Name Phone E-mail
President Paul Massey 856-366-0418 paul@growserve.com
Vice President Ian Fisher 609-442-6613 ifish73@comcast.net
Recording Secretary Sheri Riley 856-952-9980 sherimarne@gmail.com
Treasurer & Equipment Frank Zuber 609-385-6627 frank.zuber@townofhammonton.org
Trustee & Fundraising Ian Fisher 609-442-6613 ifish73@comcast.net
Trustee & Fundraising Franco Catania 609-364-1270 cataniaf517@yahoo.com
Trustee & Advisory Charles Larosa 609-338-8784 broman@comcast.net
Trustee & Advisory Chris Barts 609-313-2505 cwbartscpa@gmail.com
Trustee & Webmaster Dave Gruehn 609-561-3443 dgruehn@comcast.net
Trustee & Advisory Lou DeCicco 609-845-7909 ldecicco@comcast.net
Trustee & Advisory Doug Shendock 609-561-7885 Doug@garygardner.com
Trustee & Advisory Victor Walters 609-850-1769 VJW16@comcast.net
Trustee & Advisory Kenny Cirillo 609-703-2286 ckrabbit@comcast.net
Trustee & Advisory Matt Spina 215-900-0977 mspina@youradminpartners.com
Trustee & Advisory Frank Sacco 609-335-0896 Bigfa@comcast.net
Trustee & Advisory Paul Hroncich 917-939-0563 ph1073@comcast.net
Division Representatives
Division Name Phone E-mail
Travel: Boys Chris Barts 609-313-2505 cwbartscpa@gmail.com
Travel: Girls Paul Massey 856-366-0418 paul@growserve.com
Recreational: U6 Dave Gruehn 609-561-3443 dgruehn@comcast.net
Recreational: U7-U8 Ian Fisher 609-442-6613 ifish73@comcast.net
Recreational: U9-U10 Lou DeCicco 609-845-7909 ldecicco@comcast.net
Recreational: U11-U12 Kenny Cirillo 609-703-2286 ckrabbit@comcast.net
Recreational: U13-U15 Sheri Riley 856-952-9980 rileygirl89@aol.com

Field Committee: Paul Massey, Lou DeCicco, & Dave Gruehn
2014 Board Meeting Schedule
Day Date Time Location
Wednesday 12/17/14 7:00 pm Hammonton Canoe Club
Wednesday 1/21/15 7:00 pm Hammonton Canoe Club
Wednesday 2/18/15 7:00 pm Hammonton Canoe Club
Wednesday 3/18/15 7:00 pm Hammonton Canoe Club
Wednesday 4/15/15 7:00 pm Hammonton Canoe Club
Meetings are held at the Hammonton Canoe Club at Hammonton Lake
Documents and Downloadable PDF's
Document Description
H.Y.S.A. Travel Soccer Rules & Regulations Governing rules for the the H.Y.S.A. Travel Soccer Program
H.Y.S.A. Bylaws Bylaws for the the H.Y.S.A.
H.Y.S.A. Constitution The H.Y.S.A. Constitution
The NJ Code of Conduct The H.Y.S.A. operates according to the NJ Code of Conduct
South Jersey Youth Soccer Rules SJYS rules- also found at: http://www.sjsl.org/
South Jersey Girls Soccer Rules SJGSL rules- also found at: http://www.sjgsl.org/


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